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Graduate and Undergraduate Teaching

Prabhu Pingali currently teaches:

Current Courses

Toward a Sustainable Global Food System: Food Policy for Developing Countries

AEM/GDEV/NS 4450/6455

Comprehensive presentation and discussion of policy options for a sustainable global food system, with focus on developing countries. Topics include economic policy related to nutrition, health, consumption, production, natural resource management, trade, markets, gender roles, armed conflict, and ethics. A social entrepreneurship approach based on case studies and active participation by students will be used.

Global Food, Energy, and Water Nexus – Engage the US, China, and India for Sustainable Future

AEM/ANSC/FDSC 4880/6880, CEE 5820, CHEME 4880/6780

This course is offered by four Departments at Cornell, in collaboration with two Universities in China and India. Video conferencing will be used to connect classrooms in the three countries in real time. Important issues related to the food, energy, and water nexus and its implications for nutrition security, one health, environmental sustainability, and economic development the US, China, India, and other countries will be described. Challenges associated with these issues will be evaluated and strategies to address them will be proposed. Engagement of these countries with each other and the rest of the world will be explored. The course serves as a platform for students from Cornell, China, and India to learn from and interact with each other in the same class, and to share their thinking, creativity, and perspectives on these issues.